Product certification prevents the sale of goods, processes or services that are potentially dangerous for:

  • life or health of people;
  • property of citizens;
  • status of the environment.

In addition, certification helps protect consumers' interests upon issues related to product quality, ensure its competitiveness in both the domestic and foreign markets. Certification provides the creation of optimal conditions for the activities of natural and legal entities on the single commodity market of Kazakhstan, as well as for international trade. According to the legislation, this is a procedure in which an independent company confirms that goods or service meets established norms and standards.

Types of certification

Legislation distinguishes necessary and voluntary certification. In addition, it is strictly forbidden in the Republic of Kazakhstan to advertise and use technical equipment, which is necessarily subject to certification and has not passed it. Besides that, it is forbidden to sell goods which require mandatory certification, without submission of a certificate to the buyer.

Necessary certification requires such types of equipment as follows:

  1. agricultural machinery;
  2. electrical engineering, radio electronics
  3. equipment operating at the expense of fuel; 
  4. woodworking equipment;
  5. construction materials;
  6. equipment for the light industry;
  7. medical equipment;
  8. fuel raw materials;
  9. technology, the use of which is planned for production with an increased level of danger.

In order to obtain permission to use equipment on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to provide a compliance certificate issued by the competent authority.

Our company renders qualified legal assistance in the process of developing documentation, as well as legal support of procedures for necessary and voluntary certification.

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