First of all, before registering a legal entity it is important to determine whether the profit-making is the main goal of activity. If the answer is yes, the company is considered as commercial. If the profit is not the main goal, the company can be determined as non-commercial.

Legal entities that are among the commercial companies are established in the form of economic partnerships that have limited or additional liability.

Those belonging to non-commercial companies may take the form of public or religious associations, institutions, charitable and other funds, consumer cooperatives or other forms designated by the law of the RK. Non-commercial companies have the right to carry out entrepreneurial activities only to achieve the goals for which they are open.  You can get all the necessary information at the business registration center or contact the EXPERT Entrepreneurs Service Center.

For the sphere of small and medium business, the most common forms of organizational and legal forms are limited liability partnerships (further the LLP). The founder of such a company can be a foreign natural entity or a citizen of Kazakhstan, a foreign and domestic legal entity. A group of persons can also be a founder.

During performance of entrepreneurial activities, it can be necessary to register the trade mark, re-register or amend the founding documents of the LLP. It is also possible to change the organizational and legal form.

EXPERT Entrepreneurs Service Center provides services on establishment and re-registration of commercial and non-commercial companies on the territory of Almaty and the whole Republic of Kazakhstan. Our specialist will help you to go through all the procedures mentioned below:

- Registration of LLP, private entrepreneurship or other commercial company

  • Microfinance company
  • Joint-stock company

- Registration of non-commercial companies

  • Private institution
  • Public Association
  • Private Fund
  • Corporate Fund
  • Public Fund (Charitable)
  • Consumer cooperative (Consumer Cooperative of Apartment Owners)
  • Religious Association
  • Association of Private Entrepreneurs
  • Association of legal entities
  • Branch
  • Representative office

- Re-registration

  • change of founder
  • change of name
  • reduction of the charter capital

- Making changes

  • editorial changes
  • change of legal address
  • change of leader
  • increase of charter capital
Registration/Re-registration of enterprises
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