Closing own company is not so simple. Liquidation is a long and time consuming process that requires a responsible professional approach.

Liquidation of the company according to the legislation upon completion of its activity is necessary. The main purpose of the procedure is to exclude a legal entity from the state register and completely eliminate the duties and rights of the participants of the partnership. The process is time-consuming and can last long enough if documents are not properly developed.

атестацияFeatures of standard liquidation:

Standard liquidation takes from 3 to 4 months. If there are problems with the documents or if the company is large, more time will be required for liquidation. On average, the procedure can last a year.

Article 49 of the Civil Code of the RK states that liquidation can be carried out in various situations. The decision to perform it will be made by: the competent authority, the owner. Besides that. liquidation is carried out on the basis of the decision of the authority of the legal entity.

There are 2 types of liquidation:

  1. Forced - carried out on the grounds prescribed by law.
  2. Voluntary - the decision is made by the competent authority or the person, and the owner.

As soon as a decision is made on liquidation, be prepared that there will be a lot of sub-steps of the procedure, which shall be passed.

Related services: rehabilitation or bankruptcy

It happens that an enterprise cannot ensure the fulfillment of creditors' claims upon the issues of financial obligations. In some cases, debts continue to increase due to penalties and fines under contracts. It can be stopped on a legislative basis by using bankruptcy or rehabilitation procedures..

атестацияAccording to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan - On Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy, the following court procedures of bankruptcy are applied:

  • Rehabilitation, is also found as a "wellness". In this case, various measures are applied to the debtor on the basis of a judicial decision: organizational-economic, reorganization, investment, technical, managerial, legal, financial-economic and other, which do not contradict the law. All of them are aimed at improving and restoring the company's solvency. The goal is to prevent the liquidation.
  • Bankruptcy (liquidation). (ликвидация) This procedure provides the closure of issues with creditors in the account of the company's property in accordance with the procedure, established by the law of the RK.

Our services

We carry out the following range of work in connection with bankruptcy or rehabilitation of the enterprise:

  • Consultations on issues related to these procedures;
  • Preparation and submission of applications to court;
  • Assistance in selecting a temporary administrator;
  • Representing the interests of the company in the economic court.

атестацияThe cost of services is calculated individually in each case. The exact cost can be determined at a meeting with our representative.

The price can be influenced by various factors: the availability of property and accounts receivable, the number of employees, the organizational and legal form, the volume of documents of financial and economic activity, the duration of the enterprise's activity period, the amount of accounts payable and the number of creditors, the form of payment for services, etc.

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