Customized production of seals, stamps

EXPERT Entrepreneurs Service Center offers the customized production of seals, stamps.

Do you need a seal or stamp urgently? We guarantee that your order will be prepared within 15 minutes. In our company you will find the most reasonable prices in Almaty.

Full list of services:

  • production of stamps for outgoing and incoming documents;
  • production of the company seal;
  • facsimile creation;
  • issue of stamps and seals according to the sketch;
  • production of seals and stamps on the print.

5 reasons to apply to EXPERT Entrepreneurs Service Center:

  1. A wide range of services.
  2. The use of modern first-class equipment and materials.
  3. Simple online ordering on the website.
  4. Prompt production.
  5. When ordering more than 20 000 tenge, the delivery of finished products is carried out to the specified address in Almaty.

EXPERT Entrepreneurs Service Center uses automatic equipment from Trodat and Colop, which allows improving the print quality due to the correct ink distribution and uniform load. This type of equipment consists of a plastic case equipped with a spring mechanism and an integrated stamp pad system.

The mechanism is designed for 5000 clear prints. If necessary, it is easy to replace the stamp pad. It is enough to use the push-button mechanism, which allows us to carry out the procedure quickly, without getting your hands dirty. The control print is easily installed with a removable top cover.

Master of the EXPERT Entrepreneurs Service Center makes simple and complex prints. You can also order a custom stamp. If necessary, our employee will develop a print design.

Manufacturing of seals and stamps
4600 tenge

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