Every year there is a significant increase in foreigners who come to Kazakhstan for work or temporary residence. Any work activity without official permit is illegal. Everyone who violates the law is expected to have serious consequences in the form of deportation of an administrative fine of a legal entity.

What is meant by the concept of foreign manpower?

In this case we are talking about all foreign citizens (except Russian citizens) or stateless persons who are engaged in such activities:

  • engaged in labor activity and are involved by the employer;
  • all self-employed;
  • seasonal workers from other countries;
  • employee temporarily transferred in the corporate framework

It is important to note that obtaining a work permit in Kazakhstan is obligatory and has its own characteristics. The procedure depends on the employee category.

Separation of employees when issuing a permit

According to the item 6 of the Rules for issuing permits, 4 main categories are identified, to which foreign workers are divided:

  1. The first leaders and deputies.
  2. Directors of structural subdivisions that meet the qualification requirements specified in the reference book of positions for leaders, specialists and other employees.
  3. Employees who meet the standard and qualification norms, established by the reference book of positions of leaders, specialists and other employees.
  4. Qualified employees who meet the established Standard Wage-Rates and Skills Reference Book of work and positions of workers tariff-qualification characteristics of positions of workers.

You will receive assistance in our company to resolve all issues for the employment of a foreign specialist. Our team will issue the necessary permits so that a specialist can begin to perform his duties. Employers who plan to engage foreign manpower, with us you will do it much faster. Each employee will be officially and legally arranged as soon as possible.

Permit for foreign manpower
650 000 tenge

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