Are you a representative of a foreign company that wants to open its branch in Kazakhstan? You will forget about minor problems and lengthy paperwork with us! The EXPERT Entrepreneurs Service Center helps foreign companies open their representative offices in the country. We provide legal assistance in the conduct of business and registration of a new branch of your company.

Открывая свой филиал

The main tasks facing the representative office / branch after opening:

  • direct access and work on the country's market;
  • increase in customers of the main company;
  • search for partners and their consultations;
  • fulfillment of certain instructions of the main office, as well as organization of full support for negotiations, business meetings and conclusion of transactions;
  • work with investors' proposals, development of advertising campaigns, as well as other activities entrusted by the main company.

Вся деятельность филиаловThe procedure for registering a branch or representative office does not have differences and is the same for both options.

To register a legal entity, it is necessary to provide the appropriate authority with the following documents:

  • name and location (legal address) of the representative office (branch) and the foreign company that created it;
  • purpose of creation and powers of the representative office (branch);
  • procedure for managing a representative office (branch) and appointing its officials;
  • Power of Attorney issued by the foreign company to the future leader of the representative office (branch);
  • decision (or extract from the decision) of a foreign company on establishment of a representative office (branch);
  • legalized (apostilled) extract from the trade register or other legalized (apostilled) document certifying that this foreign company opening a representative office (branch) in the Republic of Kazakhstan is a legal entity under the laws of its country;
  • copy of founding documents (charter and memorandum of association) of a foreign company;
  • a document confirming tax registration in the country of incorporation of a foreign company, indicating the tax registration number (or its equivalent).


Мы предлагаем вам простое решениеEntrust registration process to our specialists. You will forget about paperwork with us and you will only deal with the arrangement and adjustment of the workflow in the new office!

Registration of branches and representative offices
from 40 000 tenge

The varied and rich experience, the scope and the place of training of the staff makes it possible to evaluate the full significance of new proposals.

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